Wednesday, August 10, 2005


A Dead Body

John Calvert is the Kansas attorney for whom intelligent design has become the idee fix of his golden years. While other retirees focus on having the greenest lawn in their neighborhood, Calvert set his sights on taking down the Enlightenment.

The latest sign that Calvert has far, far too much time on his hands is his 20-page reply to a statement adopted by the majority of the Kansas science standards writing committee that opposed adding intelligent design inspired pseudoscience to the science curriculum taught in the state.

Here's a sample:
A second problem that plagues the [Majority -- RSR] response is the claim that the Changes [Made by the school board -- RSR] are false or erroneous without describing in particularity the words that make the statement false and without providing any evidence that supports the claim of error. Thus, the claim of the Response that it is incorrect to say that there is no known cause for the Cambrian Explosion is not supported by reference to a known cause for the event. A known cause would falsify the Change. Instead the claim of error is accompanied only by a statement that science has much information about the products of the event. A claim that we have much information about a dead body does not explain the cause of its death.

No, we couldn't make much of that either, but that doesn't stop it from going on for page after mind-numbing page. If you have far too much time on your hands, or you're having a hard time getting to sleep, you can read the whole reply here. If you still can't sleep, they've also posted a reply by Jonathan Wells.


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