Saturday, August 13, 2005


Bringing Us All Together

Dave Ranney of the Lawrence Journal-World reports on a growing split among Kansas Republicans:
“Our enemies are no longer the Democrats, they are the RINOs — Republicans In Name Only — who side with the Democrats,” says Mark Gietzen, former Sedgwick
County GOP chairman, now director of the anti-abortion group Kansas Coalition for Life.

Interestingly, Gietzen is not just critical of the RINOs -- he's also going after state GOP chairman Tim Shallenburger, a fellow conservative:
“He’s made a point of welcoming pro-aborts into the Republican tent. He wants to make them an integral part of the party,” Gietzen said. “So at a time when other state parties are becoming more and more pro-life, we’re moving to the middle. This is stupid, it’s ‘Bleeding Kansas’ all over again.”


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