Monday, July 18, 2005


What ID Doesn't Get Right -- The Short List

The Catholic News Service column "Washingtion Letter" has a piece about Cardinal Schonborn's New York Times Op-Ed titled, "Let's dance: Viennese cardinal waltzes into U.S. evolution flap," by Agostino Bono that is, dare we say it, less than awestruck by the Cardinal's reasoning. Here's an excerpt from a dissenting view from within the church:

Jesuit Father Kevin FitzGerald, who holds doctorates in molecular biology and philosophy, said that intelligent design advocates "see the unresolved problems of evolution and find data that doesn't fit the theory."

But then "they make a leap from he data" and evaluate it as saying that design and purpose are present in life forms and that this is a better explanation than evolution, said Father FitzGerald, professor of Catholic health care ethics at Jesuit-run Georgetown University in Washington.

He said that the scientific task is limited to discovering data, "but the data can be looked at from nonscientific perspectives such as philosophy, history, theology, even art."

"The question of design in the universe needs to be addressed and scientific evidence brought to bear. But the ultimate terrain to judge this would be philosophy, not science," he said.

"This is what intelligent design doesn't get right," he said.


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