Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The Vast Darwinist Conspiracy (Fiction)

RSR reader Bill F. has read and reacted (strongly) to the Discovery Institute news release that blames "Darwinist pressure groups" for Bryan Leonard's problems with his dissertation committee at Ohio State University. Bill writes:
Darwinist Pressure Groups; must be for young folks, eh? How ironic is that? The Discovery Institute which has been called a creationist think tank (I prefer creationist septic tank) acting as a lobbying group, working state by state as "agitators" (remember that from the '60's?), but it's an organization that exists, has funding, directors, fellows, lawyers and the whole nine yards, referring to"Darwinist pressure groups" that don't exist, have no organization, no building, no fellows, no nothing. The DI creates this phantom cadre of evil. Not unlike the "vast right wing conspiracy" of HilaryClinton. Fictional, made up bogeyman.


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