Thursday, July 07, 2005


Teaching the Controversy: It Has Nothing to do with Religon (Oh, Really?)

Rick Karlin, a staff writer for the Albany Times Union reports:

Ron Cote, who describes himself as a born-again creationist, has obtained permission to give annual guest lectures to students at the North Warren High School in the Adirondack community of Chestertown.

Cote doesn't disagree with the idea that students should learn about Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. And he realizes that prohibitions on bringing religion into the classroom mean that he can't talk about his evangelical Christian faith.

"I'm not there to convert people," Cote said during an interview in the spacious hillside A-frame he shares with his wife in this rural community near the Schroon River. "I'm there to get them to think about the flip side of evolution."

He has a bridge he wants to sell you, too.


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