Saturday, July 30, 2005


Stop the Presses!

Over at Evolution News and Views, the blog of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture, no slight is too small -- or too far in the past -- to be forgotten.

In a post that appeared yesterday Rob Crowther breathlessly charges that "Theocracy Charges and Ad Hominem Attacks [against intelligent design and it's advocates are] on the Rise."

The evidence of this tsunami of new attacks? A July 6 letter to the Ames Tribune [Iowa] that is critical of the intelligent design film "The Privileged Planet."

Perhaps, because this letter may not exactly constitute the smoking gun promised by the "rise" in charges and attacks promised in the headline, Crowther also appends a response by Discovery's John G. West to a Paul Gross article, “Intelligent Design and that Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.”

West's response was published in -- wait for it -- Nov. 2003.

Red State Rabble has vivid memories of Seattle and Pugeot Sound from the time when we were stationed there in the Navy during the early 1970s. We backpacked on the flanks of Ranier and plied the sound. It's the sort of activity that puts things in perspective. We strongly recommend some R&R -- and a bit of perspective -- to the boys at Discovery.


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