Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The Luciferian Conspiracy

Nancy Levant writing in the Sierra Times -- the Internet publication for real Americans -- alerts us to an alarming conspiracy of immense scope that, unaccountably, we have remained ignorant of -- until now. Having been alerted to the danger, we wonder why this immensely urgent subject isn't (yet) being taught in the public schools. Connie Morris, take note.

"... it has as its apex a defined Luciferian religion. [Better known to you pagans as atheism -- RSR] Sadly, that religion has filtered down into all cultural systems with its partnership-stakeholder bureaucracy. This system was invented to steal property, freedom, wealth, and votes. It is a system and a doctrine invented by elite Luciferians who believe in and promote servitude, enslavement, eugenics, and mass murder.

"They believe in centralized wealth -- centralized by systems that collect world wealth and deposit it into their family accounts. They have finally implemented the global coffer siphoning system, and these people are wealthy beyond all understanding. They believe that mankind serves a purpose only if they contribute to their amassed wealth and system of legislated and enforced theft. And equally, they believe in bloodlines, DNA collections, and targeted extermination.

"The ultimate goal is to control the Earth and its inhabitants. Though they are often referred to as The Illuminati, they are master criminals led by the guiding principles of Luciferian religion, which believes in opposing God and acting in opposite to all scriptural mandates. They are masters of deception and have used family fortunes to buy professionalism and Ivy League credentials to retain political power. They control institutes of higher learning, and they also control public school education. They control mainstream media and the world's politicians. They fund and control scientific research and technology, but most importantly, they control global economics. By setting one global government into place, they now have the power to control the global flow of money.

"They intend to eliminate at least half, if not three-quarters of the human population using manufactured and financed wars, plagues, and other scientifically orchestrated catastrophes. They intend to enforce a global taxation system, which will guarantee the massive wealth and power of the very few and force mankind into what appears to be a pharmaceutically imposed enslavement. Any and all dissenters will be put to death."


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