Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Kansas Families United for Public Education Petiton

Kansas Families United for Public Education, is asking supporters of education in Kansas to sign an online petition to Speaker of the House Doug Mays. The Open Letter to Mays reads in part:

The court is acting within the law, it's the legislature that is currently in violation of Article 6 of the Kansas Constitution.We will not allow you to hold our children's education hostage so that you may advance your political careers.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for spending over $350,000 taxpayer
dollars so that you can posture for the TV cameras.

Do you truly believe that Kansans are proud of these stall tactics that you have implemented in Topeka over the last week?

The fact is that you and your handful of followers came to Topeka unwilling to give one thin dime to our schools, and hell-bent on a Constitutional Amendment. Some had even requested the cost of a special election before the court handed down its

Red State Rabble has signed the petition and we urge you to do so as well.


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