Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Islam and Intelligent Design

Islam Online, which describes itself as a multi-service, multi-lingual website with a universal message and Islamic content, has published an article on intelligent design by Ahmed K. Sultan Salem. a PhD student in the Space, Telecommunications, and Radioscience Laboratory (STARLab) at Stanford University.

Here's an excerpt:
I completely agree with the assertion of ID that the universe shows signs of design. Nevertheless, I have the concern that ID may be a self-defeating exercise. By insisting that the discernment of the existence of an intelligent designer is a clear-cut part of science, ID runs the risk of perpetuating the belief that science is the sole tool for searching for the truth, and that if one does not make scientific arguments, then his or her case is null and void. Though myself being a firm believer in science and the competence of the human intellect, I think the domain of science, albeit huge, is limited. Reason, revelation, experimentation, and intuition should form together the foundations of our knowledge. And, ultimately, it is revelation that provides answers to the really fundamental questions.


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