Monday, July 11, 2005


Dover ID Leader Heads for Sunnier Climes

Lauri Lebo of the York Daily Record reports that Dover School Board member Bill Buckingham is heading for sunnier climes. Last October, Buckingham introduced a motion, which passed 6-3, to add intelligent design to the district’s science curriculum.

"The man who championed the fight to bring intelligent design into Dover’s biology classroom is leaving town.

"But Dover Area School Board member Bill Buckingham said he will still be involved in September’s First Amendment trial over the district’s science curriculum.

"As a board member, he is one of the defendants in the lawsuit.

"Buckingham’s departure raises questions about his responsibility to the district. Should the district lose what will likely be a costly legal battle, the plaintiffs would likely sue to recoup legal costs, leaving district taxpayers to foot the bill.

"He said he’s not worried.

“'We don’t expect to lose,' he said. 'We believe we’re right.'

"Buckingham has already sold his Dover Township house and said he will be moving to Mount Airy, N.C., for health reasons. He said his body can no longer stand Pennsylvania’s cold winters since having six back surgeries and three knee-replacements.

“'The winter in North Carolina starts later and ends earlier,' he said"


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