Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Dover Board Resignation: Leaving His Mess Behind

Activists who support quality schools -- and oppose placing intelligent design in the biology curriculum -- in Dover, Penn. are waiting to find out if School Board member Bill Buckingham will formally resign before Sept. 5.

Yesterday, it was reported that Buckingham, the man who pushed to mandate intelligent design in Dover schools, will move to North Carolina because, he says “[t]he winter in North Carolina starts later and ends earlier."

If Buckingham, who has already sold his home in Dover, formally resigns before Sept. 5, Dover Cares, the citizen group that is fighting for good schools there, can put another candidate on the ballot for the November election -- as can the intelligent design faction -- board candidate Bernadette Reinking tells Red State Rabble.

If he waits until after Sept. 5, the board will appoint someone, presumably a supporter of intelligent design, to finish his term in office.

"People who do not agree with him are happy that he is moving," says Reinking, a candidate for school board on the Dover Cares slate, "but mention that he is leaving his mess behind."

Supporters of the Dover Cares slate for school board, which includes, Bernadette Reinking, Terry Emig, Bryan Rehm, Rob McIlvaine, Judy McIlvaine, Larry Gurreri, and Patricia Dapp, will be going door-to-door to take their case to the voters.

Here's where Dover Cares candidates stand on the issues:


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