Thursday, July 07, 2005


Distinguishing Testable Theories from Religious or Philosophical Claims

Creationists and intelligent design proponents both claim their ideas are based on sound science. That antiscience groups now want to bask in the reflected glory of the accomplishments of modern science says far more about the successes of scientists in explaining the features of the natural world than it does about the real source of creationist and intelligent design thinking.

Now, a report on "Science of life evolving or revolving?" makes the difference between scientific and supernatural explanations of natural phenomena quite clear:

The beliefs of creationist groups vary widely, but the doctrine's principle is that a supernatural being created the universe and living things. Biological evolution refers to the process of change in which species formed from preexisting species through the ages.

Congress has weighed in with guidance to schools, saying in 2001 that students should be allowed to "understand the full range of scientific views" about biological evolution -- but also that students should be taught to distinguish between testable theories from religious or philosophical claims.


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