Thursday, July 21, 2005


Cynthia Davis: Missouri's Answer to Connie Morris

Republican state Rep. Cynthia Davis, who might best be described as Missouri's answer to Connie Morris, has repaid the $1,084 she took from her campaign committe to pay property taxes on her 1,800-square-foot home in Cole County. This is a violation of Missouri campaign finance laws.

"If this is something that causes concern," says Davis. "I’m more than happy to go the extra mile to make sure we’re doing the right thing."

Actually, the right thing would have been to use the campaign money to finance legitimate campaign expenses and to use her own money -- just like the rest of us -- to pay her taxes. RSR is always amazed at how good a game these fiscal conservatives talk when it comes to lowering taxes, and how willing to spend other people's money the suddenly become if it benefits them personally.

Incidentally, Davis cosponsored House Bill 911 in the 2004 session of the legislature to require appointment of:
"a committee of no fewer than five supporters of intelligent design who are knowledgeable about science to develop supplemental materials for interim use by September 1, 2005. Willful neglect of the requirements of the bill is cause for termination of a teaching contract. State-controlled testing must conform with the bill, and a copy of the bill must be posted in each eighth through twelfth grade public school classroom in which onlyscience is taught."

The bill hasn't gone anywhere, yet. That's because Missouri legislators don't yet recognize that we have to teach ID and creationism because evolution -- unlike the Bible -- provides no ethical or moral compass to guide people through life.

Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, especially if you can get your campaign contributors to do it for you. God doesn't mind if you steal campaign funds to pay your taxes. God is a low tax kind of guy.

If you get caught, all that happens is that you have to pay, but you also get an opportunity to issue a ringing public statement about going the extra mile.


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