Saturday, July 09, 2005


Behind the Scenes

Here in Kansas, we've been told that the move to "teach the controversy" over evolution in our public school is motivated solely to put the science that supports intelligent design before our children.

There is no connection between ID and religion, and there are, we've been assured, no hidden agendas. Just the facts.

That's why we were so surprised to read this fund raising letter from the Institute for Creation Research, a San Diego-based young Earth creationist outfit that researches, which says in part:
"Enclosed you will find the July issue of 'Acts & Facts,' our monthly creation magazine. I trust it will be a great blessing as you see how the work and message of ICR is impacting the public schools in places as varied as Kansas and Latvia. In Kansas, ICR's behind-the-scenes consultation is encouraging a great effort which might begin a national dethroning of evolution's monopoly in the schools. In Latvia..."

Wonder what that "behind the scenes consultation" involve?

By the way, didn't Latvia suffer enough under the Soviets? Do they really deserve ICR?


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