Saturday, June 25, 2005


RSR's Discovery Institute Contest Entry

John West of the Discovery Institute has issued a challenge:
Science magazine is running a bogus news item asserting that the Kansas Board of Education is considering whether to mandate intelligent design. I challenge Science magazine to produce proof of its claim. If it can do so, I am willing to donate $100 to Science's parent organization, the American Association for the Advacement of Science (AAAS), so that it can promote Darwinian evolution.

RSR would like to get in on the game. If we win the challenge, we'll donate West's $100 to the Kansas Department of Education to help defray the cost of the Connie Morris Florida junket. Here's our proof:

John please send my $100 to the Kansas State Department of Education with a note that RSR wishes to help defray the cost of Connie's Florida hotel room -- although, come to think of it, that $100 wouldn't come close to covering the $339 a night cost.


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