Wednesday, June 22, 2005


The Little Institute that Cried Censorship

The Discovery Institute is apparently still smarting over being caught red-handed trying to buy the imprimatur of science with a $16,000 donation to the Smithsonian. In the peer-reviewed scientific journal Agape Press (Reliable News from a Christian Source), Jay Richards sniffs about the Smithsonian's snub of their intelligent design film "The Privileged Planet."

"The reality is that attempts at censorship and suppressing ideas that people are interested in -- it never works in the long run," the Discovery Institute spokesman notes. "It may work in the short run, but whenever someone tries to silence a public debate about intelligent design in one place, it seems to spring up in 20 other places."

Although the Smithsonian is no longer sponsoring "The Privileged Planet" documentary debut, Richards says the film will still be premiering at the museum's Baird Auditorium on Thursday.

So, let's see if RSR can get this straight. The film will be shown free of charge at the Smithsonian this Thursday, but SI is nevertheless guilty of censorship and suppression. Is this the same censorship and suppression that Discovery cries about at PBS and NPR?

Scroll down to the next post -- where they complain about being invited to take part in a PBS series on evolution, but turned down the offer because it was "a trick" -- and make up your own mind.


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