Thursday, June 23, 2005


ID, Next Best Thing to Creationism

Is intelligent design a purely scientific concept as the Discovery Institute and others would have us believe, or merely a crafty legal strategy to insert the leading edge of creationism's wedge into the public school science curriculum?

Here's how Pennsyvania State Rep. Paul Clymer, who is supporting legislation to allow local school boards in Pennsylvania to mandate the teaching of intelligent design sees it:

"A Baptist, Clymer said he tries to "stay strictly on the merits" on issues such as intelligent design, which he sees as a scientifically valid alternative to evolution," reports Alison Hawkes of the Intelligencer. "Clymer counts himself as a creationist, the biblically based belief that God created the universe, but said he realizes that allowing that account in public schools would be unconstitutional."

"'That's out of the question,' Clymer said. 'But the next thing is something I believe should be discussed. It's the hypothesis of intelligent design.'"


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