Thursday, June 23, 2005


ID Leadership Slipping Away From Discovery?

The Discovery Institute has sent a letter to the Pennsylvania State Legislature opposing a pro-ID bill under discussion there.
"In our judgment, attempts to mandate teaching about intelligent design only politicize the theory and will hinder fair and open discussion of the merits of the theory among scholars and within the scientific community. Furthermore, most teachers at the present time do not know enough about intelligent design to teach about it accurately and objectively. We therefore do not think it is appropriate to mandate the theory of intelligent design in public schools."

Do you suppose the cautious legal strategy reflected in the DI letter above could be the reason the Thomas More Law Center fired Discovery's William Dembski, Stephen Meyer and John Campbell as expert witnesses in the suit brought by a parent's group -- that Thomas More is defending -- against the Dover school board for mandating intelligent design in biology classrooms?

Discovery's Evolution News and Views blog has yet to take note of this development.

RSR wonders if the leadership of the intelligent design movement is slipping from the grasp of the Discovery Institute and into the hands of those creationists on local school boards, in the state legislatures, and employed by law firms such as Thomas More, who have little patience with the ultra-cautious long-march legal strategy espoused in Seattle.


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