Saturday, June 18, 2005


Does God Hate Science?

Paul Nussbaum of Knight Ridder asks, can God and evolution coexist? Here's one answer he gets:

For David Wilcox, a biology professor at Eastern University, an evangelical college in St. Davids, the challenge is to teach students that it’s possible to embrace evolution “without intellectual schizophrenia.”

“Frequently, they’ve been taught that evolution is another way of saying atheism, and they just shut it out,” said Wilcox, author of “God and Evolution: A Faith-Based
Understanding.” “They say, ‘Why do I have to learn this stuff — don’t you know
that God hates science?’”

“We have to make them wake up and smell the coffee. God doesn’t hate science — he invented it. We try to get them to see that evolution happened and it’s not so scary ... that evolution is the way God did it.”


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