Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Dembski's Doom and Gloom

The leadership in the Dover, Penn. intelligent design case has been wrested away from the Discovery Institute by the Thomas More Law Center -- a law center moreover that is clearly identified with Christian right causes.

The carefully crafted hearings in Kansas have been overshadowed by the antics of Connie Morris and her Florida junket. She also produced a newsletter -- at taxpayer expense -- that makes her born-again motivations completely clear.

The Supreme Court yesterday reaffirmed the Lemon Test in ruling against some displays of the Ten Commandments.

So, it's not too soon to start thinking what might happen if there's a ruling against intelligent design in the courts.

Sure enough, William Dembski is thinking about it on his Uncommon Descent blog.

There are now a number of initiatives nationally in which evolution is being challenged and ID promoted. What would happen if the courts rule against ID, declaring it religion?

Not to worry though. ID is on the ascent, according to Dembski. What about all those thousands of evolution papers being written by real scientists in real scientific journals?

Don't be distracted by the "thousands" of articles being published in the research journals that purport to support evolutionary theory -- this is an artifact of overfunding an underachieving theory. Throw enough money at an inherently flawed idea, and people will writes (sic) thousands of articles about it showing that the flaws really don't exist.
Sounds whistling past the graveyard to us. Things must really be getting gloomy in Seattle right now.


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