Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Connie Morris, Fiscal Conservative

Red State Rabble had heard about Tom DeLay's European vacations. We'd even read something about a couple of little golf outings in Scotland financed by the gambling lobbyist Jack Abramoff. We were dimly aware that such perks are routine for bigshot senators and congressmen, but Kansas school board members, who knew?

It seems that Connie Morris, the conscience of the board, took part in a little magnet school junket to Miami Beach last April. Now, it's true there are no magnet schools in Morris' mainly rural district, but that didn't stop her from submitting a travel voucher billing Kansas taxpayers $339 a night for her shabby little room at the Fountainebleau Hilton Resort, or $150 for meals -- hey, they don't give it away down there. Oh yeah, $147 for two taxi rides. And no, RSR isn't going there.

Oh, did we mention that Morris is billing the taxpayers for her now infamous newsletter in which Connie says she is a Christian who believes in the literal truth of the biblical story of Genesis, says that evolution is "poor science" insists it has all the answers, and is filled "with anti-God contempt and arrogance."

By the way, following the Kansas Supreme Court ruling that the legislature must approve additional funding for the state's schools, Morris said state schools didn't need any funding above the $142 million that Republicans originally approved.

Well, as long as she gets hers.


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