Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Pro-Science Dover Cares School Board Slate Advances to General Election

The pro-science Dover Cares slate won all the four-year school board seats in the Democratic primary election there. The winners are Bernadette Reinking, Rob McIlvaine, Bryan Rehm and Terry Emig. The slate also carried the two-year seats, with Patricia Dapp, Judy McIlvaine and Larry Gurreri all moving on to the general election in November.

They will face seven incumbent Republicans who support intelligent design in the November election.

With 6 out of 6 precincts reporting, these are the unofficial results of the Dover School Board race. Dover Cares candidates are in bold. Note: some candidates ran in both Democratic and Republican primaries.

B Rehm Dem 810
H Mc Ilvaine, Jr. Dem 825
S Leber Dem 433
B Reinking Dem 828
T Emig Dem 800
M Arnold Dem 172
A Bonsell Dem 412
J Cashman Dem 412
E Rowand Dem 361
S Leber Rep 1242
H Mc Ilvaine, Jr. Rep 953
A Kline Rep 454
B Reinking Rep 1010
J Cashman Rep 1366
M Arnold Rep 300
E Rowand Rep 1181
A Bonsell Rep 1375
B Rehm Rep 911
T Emig Rep 965
2-Year Term
P Dapp Dem 740
S Harkins Dem 368
R Short Dem 369
L Gurreri Dem 648
E Riddle Dem 338
A Yingling Dem 194
J Brown Dem 196
J Mc Ilvaine Dem 719
A Yingling Rep 241
S Harkins Rep 1230
L Gurreri Rep 998
E Riddle Rep 1249
R Short Rep 1245
J Brown Rep 247
J Mc Ilvaine Rep 896
P Dapp Rep 925


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