Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Newtonian Fundamentalists

A news release following the Kansas science hearings from the Seattle-based Discovery Institute complains that.
"Darwinists are trying to dumb down the teaching of evolution in Kansas by only allowing schools to present students with part of the scientific evidence relating to evolution," said Seth Cooper, a Senior Policy Analyst with the Institute's Center for Science and Culture. "Students will be the ones who suffer if Darwinian fundamentalists are allowed to censor the scientific information students hear in the classroom."

Next, Cooper and DI will be crying about Newtonian Fundamentalists who prevent school children from learning about the scientific controversy over the theory of gravity.

By the way, they've got great titles over at Discovery Institute, don't they? Senior Policy Analyst, not bad, eh, for a 27-year-old attorney? Seth Cooper is a member of the Federalist Society, and one who was angered by the treatment Robert Bork got at the hands of Arlen Specter in his 1987 confirmation hearings. He operates a blog called "Sharks with Lasers" (!?) which he modestly describes as "A CUTTING EDGE BLOG FOR THE WORLD OF THE 21st CENTURY." And, yeah, he's one of those ALL CAPS kind of guys.

Just in case the whole Bork thing is getting fuzzy, back in 1971, our Judge Bork wrote, "Constitutional protection should be accorded only to speech that is explicitly political. There is no basis for judicial intervention to protect any other form of expression, be it scientific, literary, or that variety of expression we call obscene or pornographic." (emphasis added; "Neutral Principles and Some First Amendment Problems," Indiana Law Journal, vol. 47, 1971, p 20.)

Maybe that's why Cooper likes him -- he feels there should be no constitutional protection for Darwinian, Newtonian, or Einsteinian fundamentalists.

Cutting edge for the 13th Century is more like it.


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