Friday, May 27, 2005


Dover CARES Fights Back Against Rumor

Supporters of intelligent design in Dover, Pennsylvania are floating a rumor that Dover CARES -- the group that defends science education there -- stands for Citizens Against Religious Education in Schools.

This dishonest rumor is typical of those who want to take over school districts around the country in order to force their narrow religious and ideological beliefs on our children.

The fact is, Dover CARES stands for Citizens Actively Reviewing Educational Strategies.

Here's how Dover CARES responds to the rumor on their website:
"Dover CARES candidates are all willing to support adding an elective of comparative religions or world religions, which will serve our students well into the future. This rumor is just another example of the misinformation and miscommunication of the current school board members. Although they all value their own personal and ministerial belief systems, the Dover CARES candidates realize that Dover, being a public school system, must abide by the law. Faith plays a vital role in many students' lives; however, the public school system may not legally endorse any particular denomination. The students are best able to make those decisions in the home and in the church of their choice. Because religion does play an important role in our society and our history, the Dover CARES. candidates encourage open discussion and critical thinking about religious beliefs and concepts in classes such as comparative religions, world theology, creation mythology, philosophy, world cultures, world literature, and humanities. In the right classroom context, intelligent design could promote research, spark spirited discussion, and deepen cultural understanding."


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