Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Disorder in the Ranks

Intelligent design proponents never tire of telling the rest of us that their "theory" has nothing to do with religion -- it's science, pure and simple.

The problem for the intelligent design general staff at the Discovery Institute in Seattle is not so much with scientists and educators, but with its own foot soldiers. It seems they don't quite understand the strategy, and they're not very good at taking orders.

A case in point is Republican Daniel Hooker, a state assemblyman from Saugerties in New York. Hooker has introduced two bills in the New York assembly.

Hooker's first bill would require public schools to teach intelligent design. Remember now, the Discovery Institute's legal strategy is to "teach the controversy" not intelligent design -- they're waiting for the courts to move further to the right before they shove the wedge in a little deeper.

The second bill introduced by Hooker kind of gives the game away. It would allow display of the Ten Commandments in public places.


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