Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Connecting the Dots, A Resource Guide

A number of readers have asked for more links to information cited in our post "Connecting the Dots" (see below) about the many fronts the right has opened in the Culture Wars here in Kansas.

The reading list censorship group has a website here. The Blue Valley students who opposed the book banners have their own site here.

The latest on the Johnson County Library Board, including the courageous stand by County Commissioner David Lindstrom, who appointed Pamela Crandall in the face of stiff opposition from the right-wing book banners can be found in this commentary by Mike Hendricks in the Kansas City Star. By the way, Hendricks has shown a good deal of courage -- and insight -- of his own in a number of pieces he wrote in opposition to inroads intelligent design is making in the state science standards.

Finally, from the Johnson County Sun newspaper here is a recent article on the attempt to ban books the Christian right doesn't like from the Blue Valley reading list.

Check back later this morning for a new development concerning a challenge to Margaret Atwood's short story "Rape Fantasies" in the Blue Valley reading list controversy.


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