Friday, April 29, 2005


Their Morals and Ours

You remember Cynthia Davis, the right-wing Missouri legislator who sponsored legislation to "teach the controversy" over evolution so that kids can hear all sides of the issue and make up their own minds. She's also introduced a bill to prevent them from learning about contraception in sex education class, but never mind.

Davis, you see, an old-fashioned gal, doesn't mind letting it all hang out in science class, but condoms -- that's a different matter.

Now our dedicated advocate for traditional values, morals, and old-time religion has reportedly broken the law by using her campaign fund to pay $1,084 in property taxes for a house in Jefferson City, according to a report she filed in April 2004 with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Don't worry though, it's okay if Christian fundamentalist break the law. Whatever they do, they're doing for God.

PS for Missouri voters: Our gal Cynthia has issued a statement saying, "Campaign finance rules are extremely complex," to excuse her conduct. Okay, we believe her, but do we really want someone who finds campaign finance rules so daunting to be writing laws for the state?


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