Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Teaching Creationism in a Scientific Manner

The online edition of Truth, an Elkhart, Indiana newspaper reports:

What students are taught about the origin of the world in science class depends on which Elkhart County school the child is sitting in.

In Elkhart and Concord, for instance, students are taught solely about evolution. At Baugo, Goshen, Fairfield, Middlebury and Wa-Nee students look at evolution and creationism as theories for how the world began.

Amy Charlwood, biology teacher at Fairfield High School, said her interpretation of the state science standards is she can teach creationism in addition to evolution as long as she presents them both in a scientific manner.

This interpretation is far more common than ordinarily thought. It amounts to taxpayer supported prostylitizing of school children for those sects that adhere to the out of the mainstream notions held dear by Christian fundamentalists.


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