Friday, April 29, 2005


Send in the Clowns

At a forum for school board candidates at a local Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon, Charles McGee reportedly told those present, according to Oregon Public Radio, that "Christianity in itself, though I'm a Christian, is still a theory. When it boils down to it, they're all theories. So I believe students should learn all these various theories, so they can be able to decipher the theories, and put them into practical sense." (Material in quotes was reported by OPB, although no reporters were present at the meeting several people who were there confirmed the remarks - RSR)

Following the meeting, an e-mail quickly spread the word to thousands of Portland voters and now McGee is saying that he's been "misrepresented."

Maybe it's time to call in the clowns, I mean, the boys from Discovery (They're just up the road) to issue the standard "this has nothing to do with indoctrinating kids in Christian fundamentalism, we just want to teach the controversy" statement.


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