Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Rights, Revenues and Realities: Challenges to Regional Public Education

The Definitive Conference on public education is happening this weekend, in Kansas City. A “must-attand-event” for teachers, school board members, parents and community activists who care about the health of our public schools. Over thirty experts on everything from funding to mandates to the political realities of both will share what they know.

April 15 and 16
Village Presbyterian Church
6641 Mission Road
Prairie Village

Featured Speakers: Claudio Sanchez, NPR’s National Education Correspondent (Friday at 2:30), and Frosty Troy, Oklahoma’s “Education Will Rogers” (Saturday at 2:15)

Special Note: A very generous last-minute benefactor has made it possible for Mainstream Coalition to offer discounts for partial attendance. Find the complete schedule here or call 913-649-3326 for more information.


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