Tuesday, April 12, 2005


No Credibility

Randy Scholfield, writing or the editorial board of the Wichita Eagle:

The nation's scientific community has weighed in on the Kansas Board of Education's efforts to put Darwin on trial.

They're boycotting en masse.

This resounding rejection of the hearings speaks volumes about how the mainstream scientific community sees the Kansas evolution "controversy."

It has no credibility.

In recent weeks, the Kansas Department of Education staff has failed to find any scientists in Kansas or the nation who want to legitimize the upcoming May hearings with their presence.

Not one of Kansas' six major universities has agreed to send scientists.

Not one of the nation's top science organizations has responded to the request.

For the vast majority of scientists, the "controversy" about the legitimacy of evolutionary theory simply doesn't exist.

For them, evolution is a cornerstone of modern science in several fields, and its validity and usefulness is beyond dispute.


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