Thursday, April 28, 2005


Nature Weighs In

From an article by Geoff Brumfiel, Nature's Washington physical sciences correspondent:

Perhaps surprisingly, many theologians are equally upset by intelligent design. "The basic problem that I have theologically is that God's activity in the world should be hidden," says George Murphy, a Lutheran theologian, PhD physicist, and author of The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross. Murphy says Lutherans believe that God's primary revelation came through Jesus Christ, and many find it distasteful that additional divine fingerprints should appear in nature. Catholics, for their part, have accepted evolution based on the idea that God could still infuse the natural human form with a soul at some point in the distant past. And even the evangelical Christians who make up the backbone of intelligent design's political supporters sometimes object to its inability to prove whether Christianity is the true religion.

In addition to explaining the theological disputes over intelligent design, Brumfiel reports that the movement is attracting new adherents among students, and quotes Eugenie Scott as saying that scientists are not doing a good job at explaining evolution. A must read.


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