Monday, April 18, 2005


Medved: Fox Blocker Shows Liberal Intolerance

Michael Medved, one of the sharpest minds in the Christian and conservative world today according to Salem Communications producer of Beyond The News Commentaries, is up in arms over the Fox Blocker, an invention a that attaches to your TV set and prevents it from receiving the Fox News Channel.

(Fox Blocker) Inventor Sam Kimery says he wants to "protect people" from the purported conservative bias of the channel-once again demonstrating the left's inclination to stifle, rather than answer, points of view with which they disagree.

It's the same impulse that leads die-hard Darwinists to try to ban any talk of Intelligent Design, rather than rebutting it with logic and science-opposing even stickers on text books that ask students to keep an "open mind" on evolution.

Is demanding that intelligent design be discussed in philosophy or religion classes rather than biology classes really the same as trying to "ban any talk" of it? Seems like here in Kansas -- where we've already successfully rebutted it in the science curriculum committee and in four hearings held around the state -- we hear talk of almost nothing else.

Polls show 20 percent of Americans think the sun orbits the Earth and 17 percent believe the Earth revolves around the sun once a day, should we keep an open mind on these issues, too?

By the way, RSR would like to know where we can get one of these handy little Fox Blockers.


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