Monday, April 11, 2005


Jerry Johnston's "Sermonars" -- Scientists Who Don't Believe in Evolution

Jerry Johnston the Christian Fundamentalist pastor at First Family Christian Church in Overland Park, Kansas has turned his attention from denying gays the right to marry to leading a fight against evolution.

Supporters of science education should take a look at his “sermonars” on evolution here. They use sophisticated graphics to dazzle the gullible who won’t know the “science” Johnston offers has been debunked a million times.

Here’s one of Johnston's laughers: A list of Scientists who don’t believe in evolution which was first proposed by Charles Darwin in Origin of the Species in 1858.

Non-Evolution Scientists:
• LEONARDO DA VINCI (Died May 2, 1519
• ROBERT BOYLE (Died December 30, 1691)
• ISAAC NEWTON (March 20, 1727)
• LOUIS PASTEUR (September 28,1895) see below
• JOHANNES KEPLER (November 15, 1630)
• FRANCIS BACON (April 9, 1626)
• BLAISE PASCAL (August 19,1662)
• CAROLUS LINNEUS (January 10, 1778)
• MICHAEL FARADAY (August 25,1867)
• JOSEPH LISTER (February 10, 1912)
• ALBERT EINSTEIN(April 18, 1955) Oh, really?

Let’s look at the creationist’s scorecard: Of the 11 scientists listed as doubting the theory evolution, seven (64 percent) died before Darwin published Origin of the Species.

Concerned about the accuracy of the creationist’s citation of major scientists who died later? Farraday, inventor of the first dynamo, (who died less than 10 years after Origin of the species was published) or Lister, or Pasteur? A quick look at the note below from Talk Origins Archive on Pasteur will quickly set your mind at rest.

Well, at least the creationists can take comfort from Albert Einstein, the physicist who proposed the General Theory of Relativity, the first step on the road to the “Big Bang.”

Talk Origins on Louis Pasteur who “wrote little on the subject of evolution or creation. He was apparently skeptical of the popularity of Darwin's theory, but he accepted evolution. Along with most French scientists of his time, he probably did not accept natural selection as its cause.” Cuny (1965, 122) quotes Pasteur:

Virulence appears in a new light which cannot but be alarming to humanity; unless nature, in her evolution down the ages (an evolution which, as we now know, has been going on for millions, nay, hundreds of millions of years), has finally exhausted all the possibilities of producing virulent or contagious diseases -- which does not seem very likely.

Need we say more about the scientists who don't accept evolution? Oh, by the way, intelligent design "theorist" John Calvert is joining Johnston at First Family as a "special guest" for a little session on evolution next week. John "the facts, nothing but the facts" Calvert is apparently untroubled by the science behind Johnston's views.


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