Sunday, April 17, 2005


Golfers in the Eye of God

Red State Rabble reader Clay Farris Naff takes a look at how intelligent design would affect teaching of other sciences:
Of course, biology is not the only science in which intelligent design doesn't look too smart. Take geology. How does intelligent design hope to explain earthquakes? Are plate tectonics a sign of unfinished business? Or just sloppy craftsmanship?

Look at astronomy. Why is the solar system full of rubble? And why does so much of it hit the earth (100 tons a day!), occasionally wiping out most of life?

How will teachers explain why tornadoes flatten churches? Or why lightning kills more golfers than criminals?

Clay Farris Naff is a writer living in Nebraska. He is editor of a forthcoming volume on evolution in the Exploring Science and Medical Discoveries series published by Greenhaven Press. More information on the Lincoln Forum on Science and Religion may found at


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