Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Evolution and Kansas Bioscience

Thursday, April 21, 2005 1 – 5:30 PM
Plymouth Congregational Church
925 Vermont Street, Lawrence, Kansas 66049

Steven B. Case, Ph.D., Chairman of the State of Kansas Science Standards Curriculum Revision Committee, will speak on “Kansas Science Education: the Real Issues” as the keynote speech of a half-day Public Meeting on Evolution and Kansas Bioscience, Thursday afternoon, April 21st, in Lawrence, Kansas.

In the first part of the 3-part Program, Dr. Case and a panel of expert educators and scientists will connect the dots between the one-half billion dollar Kansas Bioscience Initiative and the debate over teaching evolution. A Biology teacher for 20 years, Steve also worked at Genentech for two years. He and has been in the middle of the evolution controversy at the Kansas Board of Education since 1999.

“This is no longer a harmless argument that parents and administrators can simply be fair about to religious partisans,” Dr. Case, said. “It’s a question of basic science literacy and, before long, it will be about jobs.”

Invited panelists will respond to Prof. Case’s ideas from multiple perspectives. Brad Williamson, High School biology teacher, co-author of a biology textbook, and past president, National Assn. of Biology Teachers; Rachel Robson, Ph.D. candidate, KU Medical Center; Andrew Stangl, KU student; Joseph Heppert, Director, Center for Science Education, and Chemistry Professor, KU; Charles Decedue, Executive Director, Higuchi Biosciences Center, KU; Leonard Krishtalka, Director of the KU Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center; Lee Allison, Special Advisor to the Governor for Science and Energy.

A Review of Intelligent Design Creationism. What the Board of Education is interested in. Presenters: Jack Krebs, High School math & science teacher and member of the Kansas Science Standards Curriculum Revision Committee; Evan Kreider, Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy of Science, KU.


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