Thursday, April 14, 2005


Charlotte Imax Shows Volcanoes of the Deep

Discovery Place, the science museum and Imax Theater in Charlotte, will show "Volcanoes of the Deep Sea three times today. The film will return to Discovery Place for a longer run this summer.

Discovery Place CEO John Mackay now claims he made the initial call not to show the film more on artistic quality than concerns over a backlash from creationists.

However, when news reports first revealed that Imax theaters in the south were taking a pass on evolution themed films, Mackay noted the issue of evolution had come up when museum staff looked at the film.

"The primary concern was that," Mackay said, "with other good film product out there, we didn't feel it was the film we should bring in at that time. We've shown many films and exhibits that touch on evolution. But we felt the way this was phrased was over the top. It was put out there with such in-your-faceness."Filmmakers can be strident in their language -- `This is the way it is' -- and what's held as theoretical is presented as fact."

Undoubtedly that "other good film product" included the Nascar Imax film with all its science content.


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