Sunday, April 24, 2005


Bush's God

The Dartmoth Review (We know, we know) has an interesting article by Jeffery Hart titled "God and Mr. Bush" that reveals some of the fissures developing between traditional conservatives and the evangelical foot soldiers the Republican party increasingly relies upon -- and panders to -- as part of its current electoral strategy.

Hart argues that, "(t)he Bush presidency often is called conservative. That is a mistake. It is populist and radical, and its principal energies have roots in American history, and these roots are not conservative."

Hart then recounts the history of the three Great Awakenings of evangelism in American history, including the role of William Jennings Bryan. Supporters of critical thinking and science will find many things to agree with in this analysis -- alongside a few things they will disagree with -- and some things they may come to a new appreciation of.

One valuable contribution of Hart's article is that he places the battle over evolution, creationism, and intelligent design into a larger historical context which reminds us that this latest awakening too will pass.


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