Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Bible Stickers?

Christopher A. Duva, a psychology instructor and freelance writer living in Portland, Oregon, makes a novel proposal in Free Inquiry:

"Perhaps the following compromise can be reached: both sides could agree to put stickers that encourage critical thinking on biology textbooks as long as similar stickers are also put on religious texts, specifically the Bible. The proposed sticker might read something like this."

This book contains material on Christianity. Christianity is a belief system that explains the origin of the universe and all living things in it as an act of divine creation. This material should be approached with an open mind and critically considered. In no sense should what you are about to read be considered a theory, as theories are based on data and observation while religious beliefs are taken as articles of faith. While many claim that this book is the literal word of God, no evidence for divine authorship exists. It should be understood that Christianity is only one of hundreds of religions that exist today, each of which proposes an alternative view of the universe. As each religion requires no proof other than faith, each can be viewed as equally valid and none may actually be correct.


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