Wednesday, March 30, 2005


New Blogger on the Block: Ann Coulter and her Black Shirts

There's a new blogger on the block, Robert Richardson, at Un-Apologetic Atheist. Richardson writes from Lawrence. Last night, he attended the Ann Coulter tirade there so that the rest of us didn't have to. He may be new, but already we are in his debt.

According to Richardson's report, Coulter does not yet employ Secret Service screening of the audience for her events as President Bush does for his Social Security world tour. She was forced instead to employ a group of black-shirted Young Republicans to restore order when parts of the audience became restive after hearing comments such as:

"It can be documented that government grows in response to women being given the vote. Women see the government as their husband, as they divorce more, women look to the government to take care of them. The more sexually licentious the society, the more the women look to the government to protect them."

Coulter was born in 1961, that makes her about 44 years old, never married and still, apparently, a virgin. Feel sorry for her old Politically Incorrect boyfriend Bill Maher, though. Had to listen to all that right-wing ranting, but got no sexual licentiousness to leaven the loaf.

Take a look at Un-Apologetic Atheist to get the full flavor of last night's Lawrence lovefest.


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