Thursday, March 24, 2005


Intelligent Design Creationism Crumbling

"Almost nothing has changed in the creationist attack on evolution since 1999," Robert Pennock, an associate professor at the Lyman Briggs School of Science and the department of philosophy at Michigan State University and designer of digital organisms that test hypotheses about the evolution of complexity and of altruism. Dr. Pennock gave a public lecture, "Built on Sand: The Collapsing Creationist Tower," at Kansas State University's Center for the Understanding of Origins and department of philosophy March 17.

"Even as intelligent design creationism makes headway with the Kansas school board," says Pennock, "it is crumbling from within. To give just one example, William Dembski himself recently admitted that there are only a handful of people doing any work in intelligent design. He quoted one supporter whose “interest seemed to have flagged” who explained that “too much stuff from the ID camp is repetitive, imprecise and immodest in its claims, and otherwise very unsatisfactory. The ‘debate’ is mostly going around in circles.” That’s what we critics had concluded years ago.

You can read more by Dr. Pennock here.


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