Wednesday, March 30, 2005


His Own Private Idaho: Biology Teacher Sees "Flaws" in Evolution

By KATHY HEDBERGof the Tribune

"Clarkston High School students may be among the few public students in the area who hear opposing theories in the classroom about the origins of life," reports Kathy Hedberg of the Lewiston, Idaho Tribune.

"Clarkston science teacher Don Dotson says he sees a number of flaws in the Darwinian theory of evolution, which is commonly taught in public schools.

"'I find it very difficult to espouse one theory that appears to have a number of flaws,' Dotson said Tuesday.

"'I do not exclusively teach evolution. I explain to (students) the basics for each of those theories (such as intelligent design, creationism, etc.) and I honestly do discuss the attributes and the weak points of each of those theories. And I believe it's up to the kids themselves to use the information available to make up their minds.'"


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