Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Why Calvert Kept Quiet

On a Discovery Institute discussion board, John Calvert posted the following:
"I thought there would be a crowd, but not 400. The place was packed. Even if I wanted to speak, the line that had been open for speakers was closed well before my arrival. They cut off the list at 60 but allowed time for only 45 or 50."
I've noted before that Calvert seemed distracted at the hearing, and I think that points to the real reasons he didn't speak. Calvert is well aware that the ID strategy he's laid out is designed to avoid losing a court challenge. As a principal in the the ID battle he can't speak directly to his supporters needs and desires -- creationists all -- without creating a record that will be used in court.
But, if, on the other hand he speaks to the ID strategy he's laid out, he risks alienating the very supporters he's rallied to his cause. They are motivated by simple declarative statements that are usually followed by an Amen or hallelujah. The speaker who got the most applause that night said, "If we come from monkeys, how come there's sitll monkeys around." People whose minds work in this way might become suspicious that Calvert's putting on airs if he lays out the ID strategy too directly.
That's why its better for him to stay silent and work behind the scenes with the slightly more sophisticated creationists on the board.


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