Saturday, February 26, 2005


What Will Rush Limbaugh Say About Phill Kline and His Fishing Expedition?

Remember back in 2003 when Florida prosecutors served search warrants on Rush Limbaugh that revealed that the radio statesman had picked up 1,733 hydrocodone pills, 90 OxyContin pills, 50 Xanax tablets and 40 pills of Kadian -- time-release morphine -- between March and September?

Limbaugh's lawyers rushed into court with a motion that said, "No citizen would wish these highly personal details to be held by minions of the state to finger through at their leisure. Nor would any sane person wish his medical diagnosis and medical prescriptions to be widely published on television shows, tabloid newspapers, Web sites and the like."

In the Limbaugh case, prosecutors had pretty good evidence to base their search warrants on. Limbaugh, himself, admitted he was addicted to painkillers, after the media reported that his former housekeeper had supplied him with powerful prescription pain killers. Later, he checked himself into a treatment program before returning to the air in mid-November.

Here's what Rush had to say about his predicament,
"The issue here goes beyond me, actually. It goes to the privacy of everyone's medical records. If this became a precedent, then no one's medical records would be private. If any law enforcement agency suspected, just wanted to go -- in fact didn't even suspect, had the desire to go -- fishing to find some evidence for a crime."

Here is what Red State Rabble is wondering. Will Rush come to Kansas to defend the 90 women whose private medical records have been subpoenaed by the boy wonder Phill Kline? Remember in Rush's case we had the testimony of the people who supplied his drugs as the basis of the search warrant. In Kansas, we have no evidence of a crime. Just a fishing expedition by a hard-right opponent of a woman's right to choose.

Are you coming Rush? Are you?


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