Monday, February 28, 2005


Rep. Cynthia Davis: Tragic Victim of Split Personality Disorder?

Missouri State Rep. Cynthia Davis, a Republican from O'Fallon, a St. Louis suburb, has sponsored two bills in this session of the legislature.

The first, House Bill 35 would require biology textbooks in the state to contain at least one chapter that gives “a critical analysis of origins.” She admits the measure is aimed at scrutinizing evolution.

“Quite frankly," says Davis, "the theory of evolution is a theory in crisis. We need to find a way for the students to think for themselves.”

The second, House Bill 34, would eliminate the requirement that course materials and instruction on human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases include discussion of contraception methods.

Red State Rabble is curious, Rep. Davis, when it comes to evolution you want students to think for themselves, but when it comes to human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases you want to prevent them from having access to the information that would allow them to make informed decisions. Aren't you troubled by the contradiction?


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