Monday, February 28, 2005



Here at Red State Rabble, we've been covering the emerging demonization of science and scientists by the right-wing, fundamentalist, intelligent-design/creationist cabal. The key feature of this attack is a campaign to equate evolution and Darwin with the horrors of Nazi Germany.

There is an important article in the Sunday Kansas City Star about an exhibition at the Bank Gallery in downtown Kansas City entitled, “Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945.” The article, by Alice Thorsen, quotes Mike Dalena of the Kansas City Jewish Museum as saying, “I see a lot of parallels between this history and what's happening now.”

"Homosexuals, whose “degeneracy” Nazis believed would taint the Aryan German race," writes Thorsen, "suffered horrors equal to Jews and gypsies before and during World War II: arrest, imprisonment, torture, castration, murder."

Now, Red State Rabble is entering his advanced years and sometimes suffers from short term memory loss. Can anyone remind us who is persecuting gays today? Is it scientists or is it the right?


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