Thursday, February 17, 2005


Paging Dr. Harris, paging...

Mike Mahoney (see post below) quoted Dr. William Harris, a medical researcher at UMKC's School of Medicine plaintively asking: "Why is anybody spending time on this (evolution)? Why are they spending money and devoting careers to this? For what purpose, when 50 years of experiments show it didn't work?"

I have a question I'd like to ask you Dr. Harris. Your UMKC web site lists dozens of research papers you've written on blood lipids and the effect of salmon in the diet (yes, he's a fish oil man). You obviously know your way around a research lab. You have scientific training. Why don't you turn the focus of your research toward intelligent design (or creation science, you choose) and turn up some evidence to support your theory?

Think of the things that would come your way if you actually produced some scientific evidence that proved Darwin wrong. Why, you'd be world famous. You'd be showered with prizes -- The Nobel for sure. There'd probably be a pot full of money in it, too.

Why Dr. Harris? Why, the tedious nine to five grind in the fish oil business when all this awaits the first person to produce an experiment that proves Darwin wrong?


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