Friday, February 25, 2005


Lois Lowry's "Anastasia Again" Banned In Florida

The Spook Hill Elementary school media committee in Lake Wales, Fla. voted Wednesday to ban one of the six books by Lois Lowry that a parent found objectionable, reports The Ledger.

"The book, "Anastasia Again," will be removed from the school's library and sent to the district office. The story, a chapter book for children 9 to 12, is the second in a series about the trials and tribulations of the title character, Anastasia Krupnik, a precocious preteen girl...

"Kristi Hardee, the parent who filed the complaints... objected to the book's references to beer, Playboy magazine and Anastasia making light of wanting to kill herself...

"In the most controversial passage of the book, one Hardee and several committee members cited, Anastasia and her friend discuss a home movie her friend and another girl appeared in. The two girls ran on a beach with no clothes while one of their fathers filmed.

"Spook Hill principal Matt Burkett said. ". . . I am real bothered by that particular section."


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