Saturday, February 26, 2005


The Light Bulb is Out

More peer review of the intelligent design minority report. This from Dr. Douglas L. Theobald, Ph.D. an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow:

"Most importantly, the Revisers make a huge blunder in confusing methodological naturalism (which is how real science is practiced) with metaphysical naturalism (which is an atheistic philosophy). Using methodological naturalism does not entail a belief in metaphysical naturalism. Everybody uses methodological naturalism all the time in their everyday lives, regardless of whether they are theists, agnostics, or theists. For instance, you use methodological naturalism when you figure out why your car doesn’t run well or why the light doesn’t turn on when you flick the light switch. When the light doesn’t turn on, we don’t consider the possibility that a ghost blew it out, rather we perform a test of the hypothesis that the filament in the bulb burned up (usually by looking at the bulb and replacing it with a new one)."


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