Saturday, February 26, 2005


Lesbian Student Banned From Florida Yearbook

WJXT in Jacksonville, Fla. reports that the Clay School Superintendent David Owens has banned a photo Kelli Davis, 18 -- who had her senior class photo taken in a tuxedo top and bow-tie outfit provided for boys rather than the gown-like drape and pearls provided for girls -- from the Fleming Island High School yearbook.

The school's principal decided it could not appear in the yearbook, says WJXT, because she didn't follow the dress code.

Kelli, a straight-A student with no discipline problems, is a self-proclaimed lesbian. She said she was uncomfortable to have her chest exposed in the photo.

"Because that's me, you know. That represents me. The drape does not," Davis said. "They're not accepting me, that's the whole reason we're here."


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